Welcome! I enjoy capturing the moments and beauty of life through photography and sharing them. My hope is that your visit here will add a little beauty to your day!


Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you!


I am a photographer, nursing student, daughter, sister, friend, and lover of Jesus.
The two main passions I am pursuing in life right now are nursing and photography.

Supporting me is my wonderful family, my amazing parents and two younger brothers. When my family goes on grand adventures (places like Kenya), I blog about it at grandfamilyadventures.blogspot.com.

Some things I love in no perticular order include tea, my camera, journaling, children, memories, photography, traveling, and old pictures.

My experience with photography dosen't really have an official start date. I often played with my toy film camera when I was young, and would awkwardly pose my friends and family. I also used up a few disposable cameras taking pictures of my stuffed animals which I painstakingly positioned. As I got older I borrowed my mom's camera to take pictures. Once my family upgraded to a digital camera and my mother stopped worrying that I would use up a whole roll of film on stuffed animals, I began taking over the camera. Eventually I started referring to my mother's camera as my camera and then began saving for my first SLR. I have been seriously pursuing photography for the past 3 years, and love capturing moments in time with my lens.

For a further introduction to the blog, read here.

Now that you know a bit about me I would love to meet you! Tell me about yourself through the Contact  page.


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