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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kaeli & Joseph...

The girl who was never going to date and live to be an old "bird" lady...has a boyfriend.

After hearing my dear friend Kaeli talk about her boyfriend Joseph, I naturally asked to see pictures. And to my dismay discovered that there were none. nada. zilch. You have been dating for how long and you don't have pictures together? Not acceptable. Fortunately I had a simple solution for their problem and the next time Joseph came out to visit a photo shoot was planned. It was really great to meet Joseph and spend some time with them walking around the pond and taking pictures.

You don't need a big occasion to have an excuse to take pictures. It is the moments in between the milestones that make up life. The journey itself is worth documenting. So here is a few pictures to mark the beginning of their story.

An evening of fun, laughter and rock/paper/sissors.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Hand in Hand...

I am walking along with the precious little one in my care, smiling at the beauty of the evening, when silently a little hands slips gently into mine.I look down to see the tiny smile of the precious three year old face looking up at me. So trusting and loving. I smile back, and we walk on hand in hand. Sometimes you just need a hand to hold.

Just hold my hand,
I've got you here.
You are not alone,
For I am near.

Fear not my child,
Hold on tight,
We'll walk together,
And it will be alright.



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